Friday, 26 March 2010

What does a SW fridge look like?

Well, like this really . . .

Lots of Quark, low fat cottage cheese, low fat natural yoghurt, low fat fromage frais, Extra Light Laughing Cow triangles, Extra Light Philidelphia, Extra Light mayo, heaps of veg, stacks of lean meat (this week I have lamb shoulder, a corn fed chicken, minced beef & top side steaks), fresh ham from the deli, fresh herbs (basil, mint) and of course Muller Light (16 x Vanilla and 16 x Tangerine).

I'm planning to make ham roll-ups, a tried & tested lamb curry, chicken Sunday roast, spaghetti bolognese (my son's favourite), steak with salad, vegetable soup, and mango chicken salad. Our freezer looks just as healthy - we have one drawer full of Quorn mince, Quorn chicken pieces and Quorn sausages (these actually taste yummy - I promise), some cuts of fish, Skinny Cow ice creams (4 1/2 Syns), and again lots of veg (frozen green beans, peas etc).

The 'sausages' are going to be used for a SW fry up and also in a casserole one night; the mince is my mom's (stir fry) and the 'chicken' pieces are great to throw in pasta. The fish is going to be made into a seafood pie - recipe in this month's SW magazine.

Our fruit bowl is literally overflowing - apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, lemons, limes, mangos, strawberries, a melon and a pineapple. This is our 'snack station' :-)

In the cupboards we have bags of pasta, passata sauce, rice, Bovril stock cubes, Fry Light, eggs, salad sprays (also made by Fry Light), porridge, wholemeal bread (400g loaf), baked beans, Chicken Super Noodles, fresh ginger, garlic etc.

With the pasta, I'm going to attempt a SW quiche this week. Watch this space!

Ooooh! I bought the ingredients for a lovely sounding SW dessert this week - using vanilla Muller Lights, fromage frais (I think), gelatine, cardamom and pomegranates. I'll definitely let you know how that one goes too!

So there you have it - that's what our kitchen consists of. No naughty things hidden anywhere to tempt us - best way. If it's not in the house, you can't have it! Although, I did buy some Seriously Cinnamon cereal for 'treat night' on Thursday. But I'm pretending it's not here ;-)

I think we're pretty well prepared for the week ahead. And all being well, there will be lots of photos of the meals to inspire you later in the week. I'm going to write out a proper menu plan tomorrow morning so I don't have any "oh-crap-what-are-we-going-to-eat-now?" moments. Here's hoping for a good weight loss for all three of us next Thursday :-)

Disclaimer: I am invited to a birthday party tomorrow and so far I am vowing to be a saint (I am even taking SW snacks so I'm not tempted by sausage rolls etc). BUT I reserve the right to let my halo slip a little if I should so wish and will take the subsequent consequences on the chin. Nuff said.


  1. Where did you get your quark from honey. I've tried tesco, lidl and morrisons and can't get it anywhere. My fridge looks like yours too lol xx

  2. I got mine at Morrisons. Sometimes Asda. You'll find it where they keep the Philidelphia etc :-) x

  3. Ok will keep looking, thanks.

    Have just made syn free tomato and basil soup and making a chicken curry tonight. yum x