Friday, 19 March 2010

Weigh In Result - 18/03/10

Last night was the first official Weigh In. Last week doesn't really count as that was just a marker for how much damage I had done in the first place. And since then, I've been very aware that my clothes just don't fit. And honestly, I didn't think I had put that much on. And people are always saying to me "You look great - you don't need to lose weight". But the scales don't lie do they? Friends do, it seems LOL

I approached last night's scales with a lot of apprehension to be honest. I've been raving about Slimming World for a couple of years now (even though I haven't followed the Plan for a while) and I was very aware of how embarassing it would be if I had to come back here and tell you lot that a) I hadn't lost any weight, or b) god forbid, I'd put on. And thinking back to my delirious ice cream & wine frenzy on Sunday, my heart was in my throat as I waited in line for my turn.

My mom went first. She also participated in Sunday's 'antics' and I was very nervous for her also as I know how much it would mean to both of us for her to lose weight. I think I may have even started praying at one point - I really wanted her to get a good result and boost her confidence in this journey we're on. She stepped off the scales, took her Record Book back from the Weigh In lady and turned to face me with a reassuring cheeky grin. "Well????" I asked. She had lost 4 lbs :-) Go mom!

Next it was my turn. I actually took the lighter out of my jeans pocket hoping that might make a difference. Ha! As I stood there, I wondered if my 'hiking' socks were possibly a bit heavy. I was about to step down from the scales and take them off when the damn thing beeped and my Weigh In was complete. Sinking feeling. I tentatively looked down at the digital display. I'd lost 4 lbs too. Go me!

Starting Weight:
11 stone 3 lbs
Current Weight:
10 stone 13 lbs
Target Weight:
9 stone 7 lbs
4 lbs
Still to Lose:
1 stone 6 lbs

Holding our heads high, mom and I took our seats eager to start the next part of Group which is Image Therapy. Not everyone stays for this part but I would highly recommend that you do. When my son and I skipped IT last time round, we would usually have a bad week and only lose half a pound or something. If we stayed, it spurred us on for the week ahead, gave us lots of recipe ideas and made us feel more 'part' of something. Learn to tolerate/ignore the 'happy clapping' that goes on and stay stay stay is my advice. Seriously.

Last night at IT, we all discussed Success Express and most of our Group are giving it a go this week. I will go into it here briefly but don't panic if you don't understand. It can actually be a tricky little Plan if you are not familiar with Slimming World and the different food groups.

Basically, you have to imagine your plate divided into a 1/3 section and a 2/3 section. Please see very basic illustration I quickly put together below:

Your 1/3 FREE section (in yellow) should be made up of your meat, fish, pasta and/or rice. Remember with meat, you have to trim all visible fat and cook with Fry Light or grill.

Your 2/3 SUPERFREE section (in green) should be made up of vegetables (not peas or sweetcorn remember), salad and/or fruit (fruit juice doesn't count - in fact, it's a Syn).

Okay? The next Rule is that you should not pile your food. It would be very easy to stack three steaks on top of each other in the 1/3 section and then put one large lettuce leaf covering the 2/3 section. Don't do that ;-)

Remember, this is only for your actual main meals. You can obviously have your SUPERFREE food at any other time when you need a snack. Such as a Muller Light or some more fruit etc. And of course your Syns stay the same at between 5-15. Another bonus to Success Express is you get those extra Healthy A's and B's back which I am really missing on the Extra Easy plan. So hoorah!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Well I think so anyway. You do have to plan in advance though or you'll find yourself going off track with this one. Mark my words ladies.

I loved Success Express when I did Slimming World before and once a month I would do a full week of it to give my weight loss a boost if I'd got stuck in a rut. Mom and I are going to give it a go this week and we'll see what happens.

And by the way, you don't have to do it for a whole week if you don't want to. You can do it for 3-4 days (say over a long Bank Holiday weekend) and it just gives you a little bit of room for flexible Syn-ing because your calorie intake is so low. So this is actually a really good time to get my head around it again as I'm sure I'll be using this Plan over Easter weekend ... tee hee

Speaking of Easter! Did you know that if you melt down a large Cadburys Easter Egg, it is actually less chocolate than one of their larger single bars? And an Easter Egg is a whopping 54 Syns. If you eat the bar that usually comes in the pack with the Egg, you've clocked up around 90 Syns. Sooooo not worth it!!! Personally, I'll be using my Syns that weekend on a fabulous Easter roast dinner with all the trimmings, followed by some nice alcoholic beverages. You can keep your Evil Eggs Mr Cadburys.

Newsflash: My teenage son re-joined last night too. Please wish him lots of luck! He did a fantastic job last time (as some of you saw for yourselves) and we even had a little competition going at home ;-) I'm sure he'll jump in with both feet again and do us all proud in no time at all. Go Boy!

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  1. That's fab for you and your Mum, congrats!!!!! See, i kjnew a little bit of Ben & Jerry's would be justified :) Good luck to the man-child too!!!GEM X