Thursday, 18 March 2010

My first week

It's not been too bad considering it was Mother's Day at the weekend. And I will confess to 'falling off the wagon' in magnificent style that day. It started off very well mind. My son made me breakfast in bed (eggs and bacon on toast - SW style) and we had a chicken roast dinner. Our roast potatoes & veggies were done in Fry Light. I removed the skin from the chicken. I even used our halogen oven which is meant to be a healthier way to cook. Yay me! Then mom and I cracked open a bottle of wine. Okay, so two glasses would have been within our Syn limit for the day. But I wanted a bit of gravy on my chicken (another couple of Syns). And then the poor bottle was sat there with a 1/4 of wine left in it and that was just too sad a sight - so I polished it off.

Then mom hit upon the idea that we should all go to the cinema. Well, my old friends Ben & friend Jerry immediately popped into my head and, as much as I tried to ignore them, they had missed me and started waving and shouting and running around my brain excitedly. Again, I did try to be good. I truly had every intention of having one scoop of a sorbet flavour. But - damn my self discipline - when I got the counter and saw another old friend of mine - Chocolate Fudge Brownie - I knew I had to say hello. And right next to him was Cookie Dough. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it ..... so yeah, bung on a scoop of that.

Then the EVIL woman behind the counter started going on about some sort of deal on a 4 scoop tub. My brain overloaded and I did not hear the rest of the conversation until my own voice squeaked "Two more scoops of each please". It's all a bit of a blur but then the lady handed me my overspilling tub of calories and I was far far away in ice cream heaven.

But apart from THAT! I've been very good *shiny halo*

I have been eating a lot of fruit and vegetables - mainly bananas, apples, spinach, peas, corn on the cob, tomatoes - and have almost entirely got rid of bread from my diet, something which bloats me terribly but I usually can't resist. It's funny - whenever I am "on Slimming World", my mindset changes entirely. I start to be 'turned off' by things I used to eat (apart from Ben & Jerry's obviously) and without even realising it, I stop craving them. For instance, I would think nothing of popping next door to the shop of a morning and buying a small Meat Pattie (or 2!) from the hot counter. Hardly nutricious and totally calorific. Now, I'm not sure what kind of 'meat' it is (mixed??) and I'm sure the 'gravy' is extremely Synful - not to mention the pastry casing - but despite all it's nastiness, it tastes goooood and is very addictive. But this past week, even the smell of the shop's hot counter turns my stomach. AND I LOVE IT! I'm not surprised though - this happened last time I joined. My body is very well behaved with a bit of training and soon craves 'healthy living'.

How is everyone else finding it after their first week? Have you noticed differences in your 'automatic food choices'?

Foodwise, I am still starting most mornings with an omelette stuffed with tomatoes, spinach and 42g mozzerella. It really fills me up and I know I'm giving my body the best start to the day. Occasionally, for a change, I will have Weetabix with a chopped banana on top and 200ml semi-skimmed milk.

I am pretty much only drinking black tea with sweetener, or green tea (decaf). And water - lots of. Last time round I craved Diet Coke (which is Free) but I haven't been so bothered with that this time.

Evening meals have been varied and yummy. We've enjoyed gammon, egg and beans; jacket potatoes with baked beans, raw peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, raw onions; lean steak and SW chips (these chips are a lifesaver - and FREE!); chicken cold cuts with corn on the cob or peas, and salad; pasta dishes with heaps of veg and passata with garlic chopped into it. Mmmmm.

I never feel hungry, hard done by or think "I wish I was eating something else". All the meals I cook are exactly what I want to eat that day - the only difference being is that I grill things as often as I can and when I can't, I use Fry Light.

Snacking has become more controlled and healthy as well. Whereas I would eat a chocolate bar or crisps if I got peckish (who doesn't?), now I will have a Muller Light. Tangerine or Vanilla are my favourites. If I don't fancy a yoghurt, I'll have a piece of fruit, a hard boiled egg or some seafood/crab sticks. Okay, seafood sticks aren't to everyone's liking but I love them and they are, again, Free. If I haven't had my cheese allowance that day for breakfast, then I'll have 2 x Light Mini Babybels.

All in all, I'm really enjoying Slimming World. Again :-) For the life of me, I can't remember why I stopped. Let's just hope that the scales reflect my efforts and that I have in fact been doing the Extra Easy plan correctly after all. So wish me luck - my first weigh-in is tonight and then I will be back here to update ...... good or bad - I won't hide it from you lot!

So in the meantime, please share your week with me! Are you trying to change your eating habits? Have you tried anything you've read here? Are you also following Slimming World? Have you found a fab recipe you want to share, or a quick easy grab-&-go snack? Feel free to leave a comment and share it with me!
Top tip:
Plan your day (or week if you can) in advance. Then you can have the correct food in the fridge and never get caught out thinking "What shall I have now??".
Top tip:
Have a FREE shelf in your fridge and (if you have the space) a FREE food cupboard. Then you can never feel guilty going to these places for a snack and you won't be tempted by other things whilst browsing.
Top tip:
Make your hard boiled eggs in advance and pop them in the fridge. Then when you get a 'snack attack', they are available to grab.
Top Tip:
Toffee Muller Light as a 'dessert' after a meal really satisfies that sweet tooth. It is also the base for a few yummy, low-Syn SW dessert recipes (such as Banoffie Pie, yes really) so stock up!

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  1. Hi, sounds like you are getting on great- our tips so far are, stay to 'class' giving inspiration for the following week. Plan, plan, plan- we planned the whole week which seemed to work really well.

    Craig lost a whopping 11lbs this week (his first week)! I need to get the Wii Fit scales to work then can record my weight loss too.

    Well done to you and your Mum, good on Mike for re-joining too.