Friday, 26 March 2010

Weigh In Result - 25/03/10

Last night wasn't quite what I was expecting to be honest. I thought I would have lost a lb or two more as I felt I had been very good this week but I still got a good result so I won't whinge. This week I have lost 3 lbs.

Starting Weight:
11 stone 3 lbs

Current Weight:
10 stone 10 lbs

Total Lost:
7 lbs

Target Weight:
9 stone 7 lbs

Still to Lose:
1 stone 3 lbs

As you can see, I have now lost 7 lbs which is half a stone - so I got my first award!

I also won Slimmer Of The Week which was very nice - I got a shiny sticker for the back of my book and also a box of fruit and vegetables. I'm going to make a couple of SW casseroles today and enjoy my winnings over the next few days :-)

My mom lost half a pound but we realise where she went a bit 'off Plan' and she's "drawn a line under it". I'm still super proud of her because she has changed her way of thinking when it comes to food loads and, after all, a loss is still a loss! She's still that step closer to getting her first award and getting into her new summer clothes in time for her holiday. I know she will do it and I'm going to be rooting for her every step of the way. Go Mom!!! :-)

My son, the 'man child' - aka jammy bugger - lost an amazing 6 lbs. The only reason he didn't get Slimmer Of The Week because it was his first official weigh in and you have to go for 2 consecutive weeks first. I'm sure he'll storm it again next week and sit there with a smug grin, as per usual. I don't know how he does it - especially as he confessed to having a Chinese & a few beers round at his girlfriend's house at the weekend. He has started running (as well as going to the gym) and I'm very impressed and inspired by his motivation. It just goes to show how much exercise can really boost your weight loss and allow you to be a bit relaxed about your eating (only a bit mind!). He was the same last time we did SW and I know by the time summer arrives, he'll be a completely different person. Exciting!

I have gone back to omelletes for breakfast - this morning's was spinach and reduced fat chedder cheese. I'm going to have egg salad and boiled potatoes for lunch (and melon fruit salad for snacking), and tonight I think will be spaghetti bolognese. You must remember to use extra lean mince for this dish, and we make our bolognese sauce with passata (sieved tomatoes), fresh herbs and tomato puree (you have to Syn this part). Yum!

Good luck this week everyone!

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