Friday, 2 April 2010

Weigh In Result - 01/04/10

Big sigh of relief! I didn't fill in my Food Diary this week & I was terrified I had gone off Plan a little bit. I was distracted over the last 7 days (life etc) & it just goes to show that Slimming World becomes 'second nature' very quickly because even though I wasn't really 'thinking' about what I was eating, I know for a fact I was eating well. And so when I stepped onto those scales last night ... another 2lbs off :-)

Starting Weight:
11 stone 3 lbs

Current Weight:
10 stone 8 lbs

Total Lost:
9 lbs

Target Weight:
9 stone 7 lbs

Still to Lose:
1 stone 1 lbs

It would have been a bit more if had been very good but I will admit to having a bowl of Seriously Cinnamon cereal when I shouldn't have (the man-child's fault!) & possibly one or two cheeky glasses of wine when my Syns for the day had already been used. Hmmm, & I did go a bit nuts on the Skinny Cow ice cream one night. So PHEW!

I was also terrible about cooking the meals I had planned out last weekend. I did make the lamb curry which is always a hit & was delish, but the fish pie got neglected, as did the chicken & mango salad. Shame on me. I also made the 'Zero Syn' dessert I told you about last week but it was ewwwww so I won't pass on the recipe. It involves whisking egg whites for a few hours (well, it felt like it anyway) & it reeeeally wasn't worth it. I was kind of glad about that as I didn't want to have to make it again to be honest. Waaaay too much hard work!

And so to the star of the show - - The man-child lost 3.5lbs this week bringing him to a total loss of 9lbs so far. He got his Half Stone Award and Slimmer Of The Week. YAY!!! He was very naughty this week (although he won't admit what he ate) so that was a lucky 3.5lbs BUT it shows that he isn't just eating whatever/whenever as the weight is still coming off. So I'm still very proud :-) He is also still running which I'm sure helps loads.

My mom had a much better result this week too - another 2lbs off. So happy for her! She has told me that something in her head has finally clicked & she is not craving all the rubbish foodie things she used to. You have no idea how much this makes me smile. She has really struggled with her weight for the last 18 years or so & I can't wait to see her in the body she wants. She is very excited about being able to wear clothes that suit her personality rather than her shape. I'm going to really enjoy going shopping with her. Advance warning - Party at our house when my mom gets to her target weight!!! :-)

Here are a some homemade food pics from this week:-

Lamb Curry with natural yoghurt, spinach & rice

My favourite salad - 2 x poached eggs, chopped up bacon, baby new potatoes, salad greens, cucumber, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes & raw pepper. I use Balsamic or Caesar Fry Light salad spray as a dressing.

One of my morning omelletes - 1 x egg, spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & 28g mature chedder

And here's another - 1 x egg, spinach, salad tomatoes & 42g fresh mozzarella

1 x banana on 2 x slices of wholemeal toast (from a 400g loaf). I have this when I am bored with snacking on Muller Lights. The bread is your Healthy B for the day & you can Syn 1 tsp of butter (2 Syns)

Achievements: I got into my skinny jeans this week! AND I was able to zip my knee high boots up over my calves. Woohoo!
Aims: Bye bye wobbly 'baby' belly - since my 'baby' is turning 17 next month, I figure it's time to stop using that excuse ;-) Must tone up.
With Easter this weekend, I'm going to use my Syns on alcohol & a big ol' roast dinner on Sunday. No choccie eggs for me. I actually don't feel 'hard done by' because I know it'll be worth it when it's bikini time!
* * REMEMBER, 1 x large Easter Egg (& the choccie bar that comes with it) equals approximately 90 Syns. Holy Moley! * *
Dammit! I just wrote a whole piece about a yummy homemade 'catsup' (ketchup) that my mom made today but Blogger decided to lose it somewhere in cyberspace so - cheers Blogger. I will put the recipe on here another time. It's very good!
Have a happy & healthy (& yummy) week everyone!

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