Monday, 26 April 2010

What does 11.5 lb weight loss look like?

So I said last week that if I had a good weight loss at the next Weigh In that I would post some 'Progress photos'. Kinda wish I hadn't now but nevermind - I did promise honesty after all!

Those of you who followed my journey with Slimming World last time round will have seen my cringe inducing bikini pics. These are not those - I am not that brave this time, ha ha. These will have to do:

Weighing in @ 11 stone 3 lbs after stuffing my face in Africa & Nepal

And x 6 Weigh In sessions later - - 11.5 lbs lighter! 1 stone to go!

I can see (& feel) a huge difference in my clothes. My tummy is flat again, my hips are not spilling out over the top of my waistband, and my butt is considerably less horrendous. Let's see my mom try & embarass me at the supermarket check-out now! Ha! Just need to crack on with the exercise now to get toned & I'll be back to normal :-)

By the way, I've received a couple of emails from random people who have come across my Blog telling me that Slimming World is "b*llocks" & "doesn't work". Can I just say - - in your face!!! :-) All the weight I have lost is purely down to healthy eating - NO 'fad' diets, NO starvation, NO stress! This is called Food Optimising & it promotes a healthy attitude towards food & nutrition. Fact. If you still disagree, please do me a favour ... why not go & sit in on a Group one evening & hear the success stories, see the happy faces & feel the positive energy. You can't ignore proof that big.

I have never believed that those 'fad' diets work - no matter how many recommendations they come with. Replacing food with a milkshake is NOT healthy. Getting 'diet' food delivered to your door is NOT going to change bad habits in the long run. I'm even wary of Weight Watchers with their 'Points' counting system - anything that comes across as constricting & feels "like a diet" will eventually lead to failure if you have big issues with food. Slimming World & the 'food optimising' plan is - as far as I can see - the only sensible & natural method available to those that really want to change their life, change their habits & ultimately change their future.

Getting off my soap box now ... au revoir!

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