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Weigh In Result - 06/05/10

Sorry for the one week break - I didn't go anywhere ... I was just being incredibly lazy & unmotivated.

Confession time: Last week at Weigh In it became obvious that I had lost my 'mojo' & gone a bit 'off tangent'. I can't really pinpoint where I went wrong - it was just all a bit wrong. The whole week. And I paid for it - it cost me a 1.5 lbs gain.

I was very sulky about that initially because I thought I had done okay. I hadn't been a complete angel but I had stuck to the plan. Or had I? A bit too much alcohol, a few sneaky choccie bars when no one's looking (because they don't weigh anything if no one sees you eating them right??), 'guestimating' how much cheese I had with my morning omelette, too much Spag Bol and not enough fruit & veg etc ...... you get the picture.

So my fury at the scales turned to embarassment as I sat there silently evaluating my week. I was so cross with myself that when Clare came to me during our Image Therapy I blamed her 10 Speed Food Soup for my gain. Luckily, a couple of others chipped in and blamed it too as they hadn't got the weight loss they'd wanted that week either. But - surprise surprise - turns out they had been a bit 'flexible' with their Syns too. You know who you are! :-p

So I folded my arms, huffed & puffed to myself and promised to do better next week.

Next up was The Boy. Well ........... ready for this??

** Drumroll please **

He received his One Stone Award! Very very proud.

Then Clare announced that he was also the Slimmer of The Week. Still very proud but also slightly miffed considering the amount of extra Syns he sneaks in.

And THEN Clare announced (very quickly I might add - I think she could see the steam coming out of my ears) that he had also won Slimmer of the Month!!! Well, I don't think I've ever seen The Boy look quite so smug.

Okay okay, I'm bitter because he cheats & loses, but I cheat & the scales turn against me. But really honestly & truly, he does absolutely deserve his Awards because it is tough hard for him. He is going to be 17 this month, he has discovered the odd unsupervised tipple and has a fairly packed social life. For him to stick to the Plan even 75% is pretty amazing and so - yes - I'm very very very VERY proud of him. And I am confident that he's going to keep it up.


So we've worked out that little things add up to ........ ummm - a lot. On the scales. Let my week be a big lesson to you: No sneaking, cheating or bending the rules. No one else will be affected by your slack approach to the Plan but you. So no one else is going to feel bad but you. And making yourself feel bad? That's a sad state of affairs ...

On the flip side, little changes bring big results. Remember that! :-)

So onto this week - - All three of us were feeling a bit 'blah' about our week. My 'mojo' had returned for all of about 3 hours at some point and then slipped away again. I think this past week has been one of my worst on Slimming World ever. I just couldn't get into it. I would start the day well, even lunch was okay ... but my evenings were a bit of a 'free for all'. I noticed mom was a little less enthusiastic this week also. And The Boy ..... well he was out until 6:00am on Bank Holiday Sunday so you tell me whether he stayed within his 15 Syns over the weekend. Hmmm?

We decided we would go and get weighed this evening but wouldn't stay for Image Therapy. This is not a decision I ever take lightly. I know that - for me - if I miss IT, then the rest of my week will be rubbish. I need to hear my Consultant doing her thing and I sometimes need telling off. Yes it's okay to have a gain - you're not going to get kicked out of SW. But I respond better to people telling me to "sort it out" rather than the 'softly softly' approach.

So as soon as Clare found out that the three of us were sloping off and not staying, she went into 'Hardass Consultant' mode and - one guilt trip later - our bums were firmly on the seats instead of on the bus home. Go Clare!! :-)

Weight loss this week for me was 1.5 lbs (so back to where I was 2 weeks ago, phew) and The Boy lost a lovely 2 lb. He is being put forward for Man of the Year next week with another guy at our Group. Wish them both luck!

And as a result of deciding to stay after Weigh In this week, we probably enjoyed one of the best Group nights to date. Clare focused on going through the Extra Easy Plan - step by step, page by page. My mom said it was like she was saying "Come on you lot, you can bloody do this so why aren't you?!". And we sooooo love her for it.

She discussed at length the Symbol Sense in the front of the books and even I - an old hand at this SW malarky - sat up and took notice, taking mental note of what foods I was going to make a beeline for this week.

Then she went on to discuss 4 options for the week ahead. They were:

1. Opt to follow the Plan ... but without the weighing & measuring. Pressure off. If it has to be weighed or measured, don't eat it. Just stick to Free and Superfree foods.

2. Back to Basics - Get those Food Diaries filled in & make sure you keep your eating in check. Are you following all the rules to the 'T'?

3. SAS Log (Slimmers Against Sabotage) - I won't explain this because unless you are a Group memeber, it really won't make sense.

4. "Poke it Clare!" - Which means you aren't doing any of the above & you are going to confidently carry on with what you're doing.

Mom chose Option 1 - - I chose Option 2 - - and The Boy (cheekily) chose Option 4. So let's see how we all do this week!

One thing is for sure - we're never eating that 10 Speed Food Soup again. Okay, so it doesn't make you gain weight (even though I wish I could blame my previous week's gain on that) but it does make your insides die & rot, and then the gas is expelled from your bottom. Often. And deadly. Seriously kids - word on the street is ..... just say no!

Can I just say at this point that we really do have a wonderful Consultant :-) She does really care about us and it's not fake or forced. Every week she comes armed with brand new helpful information, funny stories, positive encouragement, tips & tricks, and - most importantly - patience and a smile. She has lost over 7 stone you know. She knows how hard it is to lose weight, to change your eating habits and then keep at your 'target'. My mom was almost ready to pack it in tonight - and I have been left wondering where my 'mojo' went & whether it would ever come back. Dark times for me because you all know how much I love this Plan and I know it works - I have proof. I AM proof :-) But sometimes - life just gives you a smack & you think "Oh fudge it, I'll just lay here on the floor for a while". But after a good talking to by Clare, and lots of positive advice from both her and our lovely Group members, I know mom & I are feeling a lot better about the week ahead and my 'mojo' is restored. That's the kind of genuine support and care that you get at Slimming World. Worth every penny of the membership in my opinion :-)

If anyone is interested in joining the BEST Slimming World Group in the Plymouth area, feel free to get in touch with me. I go on Thursday nights at 6:30pm and I promise if you come, you will never look back!

Things to remember this week:-

- Little changes bring big results!

- Superfree food = low in calorie, high on filling power!

- Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

- Don't "guestimate" your weights & measures - get the food scales out.

- Plan ahead. Don't get caught out.

- If you have a bad day, move on. Don't dwell on it. Better one bad day than a bad week.

- If you 'flexi Syn' one day, make up for it with heaps of Superfree food the following day.

Have a really positive week everyone!

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